Our Projects

Our Favorites

  • Atlas Coalinga Asbestos Mine Aerial Mapping by GPS
    –15,600 acres
  • The Ronald Reagan State Office Building
    –twin sixteen story mid rise office buildings with sixteen floors of subterranean parking
  • Alhambra General Mail Facility
    –500,00 square foot automated mail processing facility
    –20 acre site
  • Century Freeway 605/105 Interchange
    –5 miles of roadway
    –34 bridges with super elevated ramps and connectors
    –project included a light rail system on the center median
  • Los Angeles Convention Center Expansion
    –800,000 square foot building on 58 acre lot, including all underground utilities and 10,000 feet of street improvements
  • The Rose Bowl
    –the first official survey of The Rose Bowl since the start of construction in the 1920s.  The first site coordinate system was established on state plane coordinates. 3-D aerial mapping at a scale of 1”=20’ was performed, and with the help of our associates, a 3-D scan was performed. The work is to facilitate the design and construction of the new Press Box Facility. Owners representative for quality control during construction and parking lot layout
  • Simon vs. Strathern
    –a Cadastral Survey involving retracement of the north line of a township boundary.  The courts held the Betz Survey and moved the boundary 600 feet for six miles, restoring harmony to the community. This survey was used with permission as an example in national
  • The Community
    –working with private developers, oil companies, contractors, and residential homeowners for the past twenty years has made our company a trusted name. We continue to provide continuous, uninterrupted service to many clients today.

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